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GHOSTSUPERDASH is a magnetic car holder compatible with all smartphone models. The 6 built-in strong magnets ensure a the best stability for the smartphone on any road.

Magnetic attraction
Apply the metal plate included in the box on the surface of your device, or between the smartphone and the case. When you will place the device on the mount, the 6 super strong and resistant magnets will hook to your device and instantly lock it securely in place.

Super resistant fastening
The magnetic fastening system of this holder is 4 times stronger than any common magnetic holder.

For dashboard or windscreen
Thanks to the solid base with suction cup, you can secure GHOSTSUPERDASH to your car dashboard, or to your windshield. The stick grip suction cup ensures the best fix on most flat and smooth surfaces.

360° swivel mount
With the 360° swivel mount you will be able to adjust your GHOSTSUPERDASH to the best angle that works best for your use!

Super slim design
In only 6mm of thickness of the mount head you can have the maximum stability. Its sleek design perfectly blends with the car interior design.

Safe for your smartphone
The magnetic fastening system is completely safe and does not interfere with the electronic device.


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